TV Production


The Price of Fame

Victoria formed a film production company to create documentaries including ‘The Price of Fame’ for Central TV, a candid and unique insight into the extraordinary experiences of some of the world’s greatest stars of that era, whose lives were changed forever by fame.

‘The Price of Fame’ takes a compelling look at the other side of stardom. Take away the glitter and what is fame really like? Do the bonuses outweigh the drawbacks? In the fame game, who plays – and who pays?

Their meteroic rise and sometimes tragic demise...the constant problems of stayng on top, those who couldn't live with fame, those who couldn't live without it. All is honestly revealed as our celebrities confront their issues of survival.

‘The Price of Fame’ is the definitive insight into that curious phenomenon called fame.

The Celebrities

Ali McGraw
Alan Parker
Bill Bast
Burt Ward
Charlene Tilton
David Cassidy
Ed Asner
Dr Irene Kassorla
Jeffrey Archer
John Cleese
Marianne Faithfull
Richard Carpenter
Richard Harris
Sonny Bono
Sylvester Stallone
Victoria Principal